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Make me not thinking that it is only a waste of time, the Globe will still be spinning without it. So many things are put aside to the far end of my work table, due to the lack space and time, the funds and the fact that this passion won't help but worsen my livelihood. Do, if you could, encourage the author with the much needed candies, to do more better things here and at various sites all over the Internet, including GitHub.

All that you see over here were inspired by the guestbook feedbacks (early 2000's) and donations from 3 nice guys (from Canada, France and Germany). The German guy sent me a Motherboard!, to upgrade my old Intel Celeron 333MHz :)

Later, the Internet is growing exponentially but my lifestyle went to some opposite directions. Though working in Embedded Systems design, I was not able to find the comfort to sit down and write/do something not related to my job, things that I think suitable here.

Make it interesting to the poor guy in 'sleep mode' at the other end.

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In process. Please come back later.


Ø Parallel Resistance Calculator
Ø Voltage Divider Calculator
Ø LM317 Calculator
Ø Volume Control Pot with Parallel Resistor Graph tool
Ø Power Dissipation Across Transistor/MOSFET
Ø Display PPI Calculator
Ø Blogandrum - The Complete Conundrum
Ø The Eight Queens Puzzle
Ø Fireworkx : Linux version
Ø Kunthrantum - very low distortion audio power amplifier
Ø Creative AudioPCI soundcard mods (Ensoniq ES1370, AK4531)
Ø Buffered Flash memory access routines for PIC microcontrollers
Ø Fireworks : Windows version, coded using Win32 ASM
Ø SparcZ - tiny telnet server with remote desktop administration powers