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Rony B Chandran [ ronybc ]


Name : Rony B Chandran
Born: April 1st, 1980.
Chirayinkeezh, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

Languages: native to Malayalam. Also knows English, Hindi and Tamil.
Had schooling at Govt UPS Sarkara, Chirayinkeezh and
Sree Chithira Vilasam Boys' High School, Chirayinkeezh (SCVBHS).
Pre-Degree (1997) from SN College,Varkala (University of Kerala.)
Electronics (1999) from Government ITI, Attingal (DGET)

Professional Career History

Freelance Computer/Electronic/Electrical hardware repair technician since 1995.

1999 - 2002 (3 years, on contract basis):
Technicial Support Staff (networking) at STPI Satellite Earth station, Software Technology Parks of India, Technopark Thiruvananthapuram.

2003 - 2007 (4 years):
Sound Recordist and Technician Administrator in a television post-production studio at Thiruvananthapuram, on works for Doordarsan, Asianet, Soorya TV and Amritha television channels.

2007 - 2010 (3 years):
R&D and Embedded systems developer at eBird innovations, Thiruvananthapuram.

2010 - last revolution of the Earth:
Academic projects lab guide at IHRD Regional Centre near Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.

For more details, please see my CV (pdf)

Other amazing th!ngs:

my Flickr page : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ronybc/

GPS coordinates: Not so accurate for ICBM feed :)
Latitude: 08 39' 24 N, longitude: 76 48' 32 E

Paper of self excavation:

Poor in social skills, especially communication. Not so speaking and neither loud. Might be having some Autism spectrum disorder; got a score of 39 and '!' after taking Autism Spectrum Quotient test :) may be not that far, just lazy to do some 'uninteresting' things..! Have homesickness, some phobias, silly attatchment to things like my six year old 2GB USB Flash drive (felt hard when I lost it), uncomfortable to thoughts like; unable to live again in my old school/college days, cant see the world before or after me...!, etc. Likes endlessly looking into clear night skys with full of stars (astronomical minded), likes giving to street beggars, and such.. Etc.

I do not have any personal motor vechicles (had a bicycle before), uses public transportation modes (Public transport bus services and Indian Railway) instead, due to multiple reasons, Green Geek minded too, I like to be like that.

Local to Manchadimoodu, a calm'n'clean village in Chirayinkeezh taluk of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Geographically, from the utter bottom of the Indian subcontinent. I love my place and I feel lucky to be here.

Huge listener of music... likes all kinds of music, everything ranging from ambient to death metal.. Always amazed by Chenda melam. Annoys neighbours with a self built 500Watt MOSFET amplifier; a nearby seismographic monitoring station has detected its presence recently.

Currently an active volcano, spiting molten lava at diyaudio.com

Notable interests include Linux, coding in asm and C, DIY electronics and a little astronomy (have no telescope yet.. streetlight pollution is disappointing. There is nothing great and real in anyway other than a clear dark night sky with full of faint ages old star lights). Undertakes repairing of all kinds of electronic equipments. And... and somewhat different from the image that you assumed about me by going through all these pages... ;)

do.. Flattr micro-donation

Set up this website to say Hello to the Web Wide World. And to humbly announce the existence of this soul... on the same Planet :)

Feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for been here...

Ø Parallel Resistance Calculator
Ø Voltage Divider Calculator
Ø LM317 Calculator
Ø Volume Control Pot with Parallel Resistor Graph tool
Ø Power Dissipation Across Transistor/MOSFET
Ø Display PPI Calculator
Ø Blogandrum - The Complete Conundrum
Ø The Eight Queens Puzzle
Ø Fireworkx : Linux version
Ø Kunthrantum - very low distortion audio power amplifier
Ø Creative AudioPCI soundcard mods (Ensoniq ES1370, AK4531)
Ø Buffered Flash memory access routines for PIC microcontrollers
Ø Fireworks : Windows version, coded using Win32 ASM
Ø SparcZ - tiny telnet server with remote desktop administration powers