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Fireworks Simulation Screenshot

Fireworkx comes along the XScreenSaver collection which is available with most Linux distributions.

See Windows version

core dump de fireworkx


Latest version (2012-12-31): fireworkx-2.2.src.tar.gz
(SSE2 optimized, with SDL and Xlib versions.)

Fireworks has been ported to Linux by September, 2004. It never bores me, because it explodes..! :) The code is re-written in C instead of assembly language, Hmm.. for portability, BTW.. Coding in C was a little more Comfortable and Creative. Fireworkx is fireworks for X11. The program requires a fast machine with true color graphics to function 'effectively'. The most painful fact was that the machine used to develop fireworkx was a Celeron(P2)-333MHz, overclocked to 343MHz :) , in which it looks like snail-works :) fireworkx will run faster on slower machines if the 'light effect' is turned off, read the documentation available with the package.

Ubuntu (debian) users can have the super-blasts along with the whole Xscreensaver collection by:
$ sudo apt-get install xscreensaver-data-extra

There is also a dry version of fireworks, named FireworkZ; which explodes in 'svgalib' atmosphere, at 640x480,16 colors. Most linux boxes should support it. You can use it also on machines where X is not installed. SVGAlib is a low level graphics library for Linux which enables access of video hardware. It comes with most Linux distributions or may be downloaded from the website svgalib.org

Both the X11 and SVGAlib versions (fireworkx & fireworkz) comes in the same package.

Download Fireworkx 1.4 (OLD version) :

Files hosted by:


(SSE2 optimized, with SDL and Xlib versions.)

This program is free software. See the GNU General Public License (GPL) for more details

Let me know if it didn't explode on your machine..! As you mail me bug reports and suggestions; I'll pack more powerful chemicals into it. The code is in its early stages of evolution, undergoing C-rious development. A descent user interface is yet to be designed. So keep coming back to download the latest version of fireworkx.

Fireworkx uses Assembly language optimized fast MMX blur for intel x86 architecture.

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Copyright (GPL) 1999 - 2013 Rony B Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

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