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All India Radio - Podcast RSS Rearraged (unofficial)

During the Covid-19 lock down period I wrote a Python script for my Raspberry Pi 4 so that it will automatically fetch and play podcasts as they appear on world news services.
Everything worked well except the prime source of news, our national radio broadcast network (AIR) having a somewhat unusual Podcast RSS file, which was incompatible with my design. Rather than going for a custom-designed antenna for the station separately, decided to spend more of this 'Covid-19 lockdown period' for coding this page to live rebuild RSS files from the original website.

Original Podcast RSS feed

Modified version (Sorted by time, reshaped and conforming to the standards):


RSS Feeds: Split to individual stations:

Agartala Ahmedabad Aizawl Aurangabad Bengaluru Bhopal Bhuj Calicut Chandigarh Chennai Cuttack Dehradun Dharwad Dibrugarh Gangtok Gorakhpur Guwahati Hyderabad Imphal Itanagar Jaipur Jammu Kohima Kolkata Kurseong Leh Lucknow Mumbai Nagpur Panaji Patna Pudducherry Pune Raipur Ranchi Sambalpur Shillong Shimla Silchar Srinagar Thiruvananthapuram Tiruchirapalli Vijayawada

RSS Feeds: split to individual languages:

Assamese Bengali Bhojpuri Bhutia Bodo Chhatisgar Dogri English Gojri Gujarati Hindi Kannada Karbi Kashmiri Khasi Kokborok Konkani Ladakhi Lepcha Maithili Malayalam Manipuri Marathi Mizo Nagamese Nepali Odia Pahari Punjabi Rajasthani Sambalpuri Sindhi Tamil Telugu Urdu


This is copyrighted material, owned by All India Radio.
I do have the fear of using/altering the original RSS feed here. Hopes that anyone could understand the Fair Usage and Good Intention behind the work. This site holds no media files from the original website. If I am doing it wrong in anyway, please let know by e-mail.

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