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This page is from my previous website at geocities.com, dates back to 2000-2001

Name :   Ray
Location :   Tucson
E-mail :   raysal@gci-net.com
URL :   
Comment :   I am looking for source code in intel begining assembler(asm). I am a student and fast getting overwhelmed by work and class. Help if you can. I am in CIS250asm. Thanks, Ray

Name :   manu
Location :   USA
E-mail :   manu_datta@excite.com
URL :   none
Comment :   very nice server program man :)

Name :   dics
Location :   Bucharest, Romania
E-mail :   dics@rol.ro
URL :   http://www.completeinfo.net/
Comment :   Hi...Where is the archive containing MMX-blurred fireworks ? I could not find any link to it.

Name :   Moo
Location :   Indiana
E-mail :   annonymous_joe@hotmail.com
URL :   http://bloggins02.dyndns.org/~VoidSoft
Comment :   I like SparcZ... Nice example, and a useful base for my trojan horse! Visit my site for a few goodies!

Name :   Gary
Location :   New Zealand
E-mail :   iisgary@hotmail.com
URL :   
Comment :   Cool site!! I know a couple of other languages, I'm going to learn asm. No idea where to start :P, if you have any tips or advise please email me.

Name :   warlock
Location :   dubai
E-mail :   
URL :   
Comment :   well kool site didnt understood athing but ..wel efforts should be appreciated

Name :   Furtoes00
Location :   
E-mail :   
URL :   http://www.geocities.com/furtoes00
Comment :   Visit my sucky site! Special bonus-Download center: http://www.geocities.com/furtoes00/files/index.html

Name :   hakim
Location :   algeria
E-mail :   abhakim2001@caramail.com
URL :   none
Comment :   really I love programing in masm32 and I want from you to help me I will be very happy thunks good by

First Name :   renuka
Location :    Thiruvananthapuram
E-mail :    you@know.it
URL :    same
Comment :   my dear.... very nice.. like you... k

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Ø LM317 Calculator
Ø Volume Control Pot with Parallel Resistor Graph tool
Ø Power Dissipation Across Transistor/MOSFET
Ø Display PPI Calculator
Ø Blogandrum - The Complete Conundrum
Ø The Eight Queens Puzzle
Ø Fireworkx : Linux version
Ø Kunthrantum - very low distortion audio power amplifier
Ø Creative AudioPCI soundcard mods (Ensoniq ES1370, AK4531)
Ø Buffered Flash memory access routines for PIC microcontrollers
Ø Fireworks : Windows version, coded using Win32 ASM
Ø SparcZ - tiny telnet server with remote desktop administration powers